Sand and aggregate prices effective February 1, 2018

Recycle Black top $14.00/ton
Recycle Concrete 1.25″ $8.00/ton


Shredded Black Dirt(dry stored inside) $12.00/ton

Recycle Blacktop $14.00/ton
Mason Sand $13.00/ton

Recycle Concrete $8.00/ton
Concrete Sand $7.25/ton
Mound Sand $7.25/ton
Pit Run $5.50/ton
Fill Sand $2.75/ton
¾” River Rock $20.00/ton
1 ½” River Rock $20.00/ton
Potting Soil(40/40/20) $25.00/ton
Clay $4.00/ton
Rain Garden soil(75/25) $22.00/ton
Golf Topping Sand (Screened) $13.00/ton
Golf Course Greens Mix $25.00/ton Call for availability
(20% Peat 80% Mason Sand)

LUTZ QUARRY-Kate Avenue-Sparta

1.25 Base $8.00/ton
Breaker Run $8.00/ton
Screenings $4.00/ton
Rip Rap $13.00/ton

Prices are F.O.B. customer’s truck. Prices are based on availability.

Winter loading charges may apply from November 15 to March 15.

Our delivery rate is $92.00 per hour; Quad Axle’s are capable of hauling up to 22 tons.

Minimum load charge of $30.00 per load

Fuel surcharges will apply on all materials and trucking after the diesel fuel price index reaches more than $3.50 per gallon. Fuel surcharge for materials will be $.05/ton per 10 cent per gallon increase above $3.50/gallon. Trucking fuel surcharge will be
$1.00/hour per 10 cent per gallon increase above $3.50gallon

***Please call Patrick Strupp at (608) 769-9944 for scheduling deliveries or when self-hauling and for information on discounts on bulk orders.